Gators in the Roadway

I found myself driving across the country many years ago listening to the truckers talk on the CB radio.  I overheard them talking about “gators in the roadway.”  I couldn’t imagine how gators would find their way to a highway system, but as an animal control officer, I began creating a checklist of items that I had in my car to safely remove a gator from the roadway.

I knew that the gator’s tail and mouth were of issue.  Gators have more power in closing their mouths than opening them, so the only means that I had to keep a gator’s mouth closed is Duck Tape.  Duck Tape is a universal helper, but a gator is the only animal that I would consider using the tape on.

I’ve always had ketch-poles in my car.  Although nearly five years retired, there are two ketch-poles, a snake grasper, and a snake hook.  I suppose I will be buried with them.

By the time that I came up to the milepost where the gators were reported, it dawned on me that the truckers were referring to the tire tread that is thrown from trucks are what they call gators.

It was a good mental exercise and now I know that I am prepared to handle tire treads in the future.