Cracking Down on Service Animal Fraud

Alabama has just joined 25 other States who have are cracking down on people who are declaring their pets as service animals.  The problem is that the States will have no way to prove that a person is committing the fraud.  Given the way that the American Disability Act (ADA) was written to protect disabled people, those same laws protect people claiming to be disabled.

The various State laws claim that a person must be disabled and have a service animal specifically trained to assist the person with their disability.  The ADA states that a person is not required to prove that they are disabled and Service Animals are not required to be trained by certified trainers.

Nothing angers me more that people who abuse the system; but, the laws that protect disabled people also protect the abusers.  It is tragic what businesses have to deal with when dealing with this abuse, but I am afraid that the ADA is unwilling to do anything about its laws so as to keep protecting the people that the laws were intended for.