Dog Bite Prevention

6,000 Letter Carriers are bitten by dogs each year.  Why?  Because dogs feel like they are invincible against the Carriers.  Every day a Carrier comes to their door to deliver mail, the dog barks at the Carrier, and the Carrier leaves.  In the dog’s mind, the dog believes that his (or her) barking has frightened away an intruder.  Day after day, the dog is further convinced of being invincible and their aggression increases with each return of that intruder who is taunting the dog.  In the dog’s mind, that intruder is begging to be bitten.

Receiving mail is an important part of our everyday lives.  Dog owners who want to continue receiving their mail should take a critical look at their dog’s behavior to determine if their dog presents a risk to their Letter Carrier.

As an animal control professional, I saw that when the USPS stopped mail delivery it was the most effective way to control loose dogs in a neighborhood.  In recent years, Letter Carriers have been encouraged to sue dog owners when they are bitten.  Lawsuits are an effective way to educate people.

The best prevention is to separate the dog from the carrier.  It’s pretty darn simple.  Lawsuits are simply an effective way to end stupidity.