Universal Safe Word

I don’t know what triggers dreams; this one I suppose was caused by a jury notice that I received, that triggered a backflash to a previous jury selection that I once sat on. In this dream, I was being questioned as a jury select and asked, “Can a woman say ‘no” and not mean it?”

I responded “It doesn’t matter. ‘No’ is a universal safe word that means no. It isn’t up to the man to determine the truth of the statement, it is a word that should cause the man to do everything in his power to stop what is happening. ‘No’ is a very powerful word and it can turn an act of passion into an act of rape.”

This was a very powerful dream for me; otherwise, I would not have placed it here. Any man who doesn’t honor this simple word should have his member cut off. If a man violates this trust, you know how I’ll rule on your jury.