What should a paycheck buy?

I have always believed that loyalty if the first thing that I should offer as the result of receiving a paycheck.  The security of a steady paycheck should offer plenty of loyalty to those who signed that check.  Many of our new employees do not agree.

Over the years, I have seen an increasing decline in employee loyalty.   Many new employees feel entitled to have a job and have associated employment behaviors to demonstrate that entitlement.  Instead of acting as a team, new employees seem to demand special treatment.  In the last several years, I’ve seen an increase in employees undermining their organization; in small ways, like calling in sick on Fridays or Mondays to extend their weekends; or, in large ways of undermining their supervisors.  It is unfortunate that our hiring processes cannot better identify these people.  A good work ethic seems to have died with the new workforce.

From a political perspective, it is easier to understand how our youth lean towards socialism; in their employment practices, we see them coming to work expecting a paycheck after providing little work.  We are seeing a whole group of people expecting something for nothing.  Fortunately, having managers that are sufficiently diligent in hiring a few good workers to help keep the organization from falling apart; I think, we can partly see how an employee’s love for animals encourages some employees to go the extra mile, if only for the animals.

.It isn’t all doom and gloom, there are wonderful workers out there, it is just becoming harder and harder to find them.