What our animal shelters can tell us about the Coronavirus

Animal shelters  are in the business of fighting viruses.  The shelters become a litmus test for the viruses that affect pets in our communities.  Due to  the lack of pet owners failing to vaccinate their pets, animal shelters face a constant battle against viruses.

Rule one:  The greater the population of animals in your shelter, the greater the outbreak.  In animal shelters, capacity controls are necessary to prevent continual outbreaks.  Social distancing is nearly impossible in a shelter because shelter staff are constantly feeding and clean up after the animals.  Shelter staff are the main cause of spreading viruses in a shelter due to shortcuts they take in the cleaning/feeding processes.

Rule two:  The more movement of animals within the shelter will spark a wider outbreak throughout the shelter.  People who are violating the stay at home rule to attend meetings with other people will continue the widespread impact of the virus.

Rule Three:  Vaccinations are a long term solution, it does to help in the short term. Generally vaccinations take five to six days to being providing sufficient antibodies to protect the animal.  People will be foolish to think that a vaccination will protect them immediately.

Rule Four:  Viruses spread due to lax measures that people take during an outbreak (see Rule One).  We are a foolish species that believes that we are above the effect of a virus.  People think they are invincible and we are a society of law breakers; otherwise, why to we hear on the news about the police having to break up crowds of people.  Most notably are the church goes who believe  that God has a protective hand on them.  James 5:16 says that “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  Is the test of your faith worth your life?  In addition to faith, God gave us a brain.  Something that we don’t use nearly enough.

We exploit our freedom.  We did not  fight for our freedom, we were born into it.  It has become our core.  We value our freedom over any other thing and we fail to recognize our folly when we exceed its boundaries.  One example is our freedom of speech that we take for granted because we believe that freedom gives us the right to say what ever we want, whether it is truthful or it is fiction.  Another example is our freedom of movement where our right to move about is more important to us than the threat that we pose to others around us.  Every day we see evidence of the misuse of the intelligence that God gave us.